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Custom Water Features

Custom Water Features

Transform any area with a custom water feature. The perfect indoor waterfall is hand crafted and installed by our expert team of water wall fabricators. The integration of water and architecture can bring harmony and order to any space. It has been said, "to see a small amount of water brings about the feeling of all the oceans of the world."

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Production Model

Production Model

Our signature production and patented waterflow technology will ensure not only beauty but optimal performance and longevity. The engineers at Earth and Water Studios have built hundreds of large and small scale water features. Although our water features are of a contemporary design, we can combine our design elements which will allow our features to complement any architectural environment.

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Waterfall Design

Concept Design

We assist you in realizing your design intent by working with architects and interior designers to develop concepts, providing technical specifications for projects of any size or budget, delivering a detailed proposal that meets your specifications, and providing answers to all of your questions. Earth and Water Studios builds indoor fountains and waterfalls of all shapes, sizes, and materials.

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What materials do you work with?

Earth and Water Studios works with a variety of materials ranging from corrosion-resistant metals, such as stainless steel and copper, to a wide selection of stone and glass. Numerous material finishes and textures are utilized to create desired water effects and unique water patterns. Many of our textures are proprietary and have been developed over many years of research and testing.

Can I order from your previous work?

Earth and Water Studios thrives on designing and creating unique, one-of-a-kind water features. We understand that each site has many variables such as surrounding finishes, architectural elements, and other design parameters. Although we can use details, materials, and finishes similar to other projects on our website, each water feature is treated as a custom project in order to provide the attention and customization necessary to address various conditions and variables at the site.

What are the site requirements?

Since most of our water features are self-contained within a stainless steel basin with its own internal piping and structures, the site requirements are simple and easy to prepare. Provided the floor supporting the water feature can handle the weight, typical requirements at the site include a water supply, drain, and standard 120-volt power source for a pump and any underwater lighting. The minimum requirement is an electrical power source for the pump.

Do you provide installation services?

As a licensed contractor, our team of on-site installers and managers are are available to provide delivery and installation services for all local projects and some out-of-state projects. For large out-of-state projects, our on-site installation technicians and managers can work with your general contractor or a local installer to ensure flawless installation. Our project managers also provide unlimited technical support, detailed drawings, and coordination for all our projects.

The main attraction of our home!

  • In 2011, Earth and Water Studios designed a custom waterfall for our living room. VERY beautiful black granite stone that has been sparkling ever since they installed it. It truly is the main attraction of our home. Great job guys!
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    Kim A.

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